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Shopping on Arewa Obirin is Simple and Easy!

  • STEP 1: Browse through our products by Category or use the Search Box at the top of the page to find specific products.
  • STEP 2: When you see a product you like, click on the image/product name to view it and to read a detailed description of the product and what it does.
  • STEP 3: To buy the product, first thing you need to do is select the quantity you want. Please note that the quantity is set at 1 by default. To change the quantity, kindly click on the upper arrow (to increase) and the lower arrow (to decrease).
  • STEP 4: Click ADD TO CART
  • STEP 5: You can continue browsing through the products or you can decide to have a look at what is in your shopping cart. To do this, simply click on VIEW CART or the basket symbol at the upper right corner of the page and you will be directed to the CART page. At this point, you can return to shop by clicking on CONTINUE SHOPPING or you can proceed to place your order by clicking on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Be sure to select your Shipping option first.
  • STEP 6: Once at CHECKOUT, you can Sign in or Create your AO account if you haven’t done so already. At the bottom of the page, you can select your mode of payment – Direct Bank Transfer or paying with your Debit/Credit card.
  • STEP 7: Click PLACE ORDER.

Your order has now been placed and you will receive a confirmation email from us.

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